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Eat The Frog Fitness is a training program based on science and backed with the latest technology to give members the most results driven and personal experience possible.

After years of training for the Olympics, Co-Founder and Olympic Gold Medalist, Bryan Clay looked at what was next. With a passion to take everything he'd learned from his years of perfecting his craft, he teamed up with successful business entrepreneur Joe Culver and Eat The Frog fitness was born.

Introducing TAD, a 3D mascot character that I developed for ETF Fitness. Through careful planning and design, I created TAD to not only capture the attention of gym members but also to guide them in performing correct exercises. TAD demonstrates a plethora of exercises, ranging from strength training to cardio workouts, providing valuable insights and tips along the way. With TAD leading the way, ETF Fitness members can be confident in performing exercises correctly and efficiently, leading them towards their fitness goals with ease.


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